deliberately diverse.
intentionally inclusive.


who we are

CFG is an influencer marketing agency with diversity, inclusion, and cultural relevance at our core.

we exist to ensure brands and influencers alike have thoughtful and strategic partners who can help drive impactful results without ever compromising on representation.

what we do

whether we are managing influencers or managing influencer campaigns, we advocate for diverse talent. 

 built on years of experience at global agencies, we saw firsthand how diverse creators were rarely prioritized. we know the power of diverse creators and the communities they've built .

Image by Dom Aguiar
Image by Dom Aguiar

Talent Management

we are here to help you grow and elevate your business. our team will manage all aspects of your business so you can focus on what you do best. creating content. 

Natural Beauty Products
Natural Beauty Products

Influencer Campaigns

we believe in a full-funnel approach to influencer marketing. successful campaigns are rooted in insights and inclusion.


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